Malibu AYSO Region 759 has been honored with the distinguished designation as a Platinum Region.  This honor is bestowed upon our dedicated volunteers and players by the National AYSO organization.

Malibu Field Conditions: (310) 317-2020



The formation of Malibu EXTRA teams will depend on player registration levels in each age group following Malibu AYSO’s general registration in May 2015. Additionally, the registration fee for EXTRA enrollment will be considerably higher than the standard Malibu AYSO registration fee for our Core program. Also, a greater volunteer commitment during the EXTRA season will be expected of the parents of our EXTRA teams.

This year we will have only a BU10 and a GU12 EXTRA teams.

Please contact Jim Aldrich at 310-466-9665 if you have any questions about EXTRA.

Malibu AYSO Region 759